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Tough Tines

Authorised Dealer

Authorised Dealer

Become a Tines Authorised Dealer

Phoenix Tine Technology Bed Knives Tough Tines

Become an authorised Tine dealer with The Grass Group

This is a great opportunity to introduce a new revenue stream to your operation, through creating a Tines online web site shop, which we have developed and will effectively white label for you.

Any sales generated will earn commission for your company. This will appear as your online shop, but will in fact reveal our entire range of Tines and Bed Knives as shown on this website. The shop is also branded with your name and you will have a dedicated URL relevant to your name.

To find out how to become an authorised dealer just contact us in the first instance on 01638 720123 Or email

Easy to set up and run

Technically is very easy to set up your Tines website shop. We will provide your web administrator with a banner and/or link to upload to your own site. This in effect the link to a version of The Grass Group Tines Shop web site, but branded with your company name and from here your customers will have full access to the range of Tines and Bed Knives.

All products purchased through your shop shop will attract a dealer commission which is tracked, and the Grass Group will reimburse commission supported by a schedule of all sales during an agreed period.

Making the most of your online shop

Once you shop is up and running we can also run promotions on your behalf, so for example you want to run a discount or BoGoF promotion this can be easily done with customers entering a unique promotional code which we will supply to you and can be exclusive to you.

Purchase payments and delivery will be managed centrally by the team at The Grass Group all you really need to do is to promote it to your customers and start earning commission.

Also, by joining the dealer scheme you will have the opportunity to widen your relationship with us and be able to consider a range of exciting sponsorship opportunities.

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